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Our Services

Wealth Management

At Taylor Money we help protect and grow our clients’ wealth by combining careful financial planning with a disciplined approach to investment management. We provide a holistic service to ensure our clients achieve successful financial outcomes whether they be professionals, business owners or retirees.

Financial Planning

We aim to simplify our clients’ complex financial problems with the use of tried and tested financial planning techniques. This includes helping clients increase their income, manage their capital gains and reduce their inheritance tax liabilities wherever possible. Ultimately, we help clients make good decisions with their money.

As part of our service we often utilise valuable tax wrappers such as ISAs, trusts, onshore and offshore bonds as well as pensions to ensure clients make the most of the individual allowances available to them. In addition, we monitor the latest changes in legislation and alter our best practices where necessary.

We believe accumulated wealth should either be enjoyed now or passed efficiently from one generation to the next.

Investment Management

We help clients achieve their financial goals not only through planning but also through investment management. For almost three decades we have created and managed bespoke investment strategies for our clients in accordance with their objectives, circumstances and attitude to risk.

As many of our clients are highly qualified professionals and business owners we choose to operate on an advisory basis only. This means our clients always agree to any changes we may wish to make. Put another way, clients are central to our business and we believe they should be included in every decision along the way.

Client Access

More recently we have taken the opportunity to develop the Taylor Money Investment Platform. Through our website clients will have access to their investment portfolios as well as via an app for use on smart phones and tablets.

This means clients can have instant access to their portfolio values, asset allocation, fund holdings and performance data.